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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Most Popular Japanese tattoo designs

The sleeve tattoos are increasingly gaining fame among men nowadays and is perhaps because of the escalating number of personalities obtaining this kind of body art. A sleeve tattoo can be depicted as a body image that envelops around the upper portion of the arm, coming from the shoulder directing to the elbow. One of the most popular sleeve tattoos are the Japanese tattoo designs. Japanese are notorious for their symbolic meanings and detailed designs. Not only that, they are also remarkably attractive. They make a brilliant option in terms of full sleeve body ink.
The koi fish are perhaps one of the most preferred and greatly symbolic of the entire Japanese body ink designs. In the mythology of Japan, it stated that the koi fish swim a legendary stream searching for enlightenment. As they fight and endure to swim the stream up, they discovered lessons from other species and they finally reach the top of the stream and become progressive and transformed into a dragon.
Hence, as a tattoo design, they normally symbolize the merits of power, strength and struggling against hardship and affliction. Also, they are perceived as a symbol of good fortune. Almost all the temples of Japan, from the past years up to the present include a koi pond facing them. They are perceived to be dominant and strong but at the same time, greatly reflective and nonviolent.