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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cool Surfing Video - Apocalypse Now, Surf Later

A cool surfing video called “Apocalypse Now, Surf Later” has gone viral. With the Mayan calendar counting down less than 12 months away to the end of the world, some of us may wonder where we'd like to be on doomsday. It's received 192,000 views since it was uploaded on January 8th 2012. Could the end of the world really look like this? Watch the video here....

The cool music in the video is called 'The Whales' by The Mermen from their 1989 album 'Krill Slippin’.

YouTuber keef70 shot the video on a GoPro camera in Sunset Point (LA) and created the video effects on his iMac. The video is imagined through the eyes of a fearless surfer, the scenario set the scene for an eerie video that's sweeping the web. Surfers straddle their surfboards and drift with the tide, taking in the scene as as airships float in from overhead.

'The surfers decided to stay behind and if this is their last day alive, they're going to die doing what they love,' the filmmaker wrote.

Meteors fall from the sky trailed by blazes of fire and smoke, crashing into waves and raining down ash. The scene was set with several animation tools, with effects done in Maya, motion tracking in Mocha and compositing done in After Effects, according to the filmmaker.

'I purposely left it in a grey area (no pun intended) so people could interpret it their own way.'

'But the original storyline had more of a 'we brought this on ourselves' idea rather than an invasion from an external enemy,' he wrote.

Here's a few cool pictures of a few of the scenes from Apocalypse Now, Surf Later.