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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cool Advert - Crafted Entirely From Paper

A behind the scenes video of the latest cool advert from Peugeot made entirely from paper. There are dozens of paper cuts, hundreds of Peugeot models and an infinite amount of patience. Peugeot didn’t take the easy option and animate in CGI. They looked for something different, something more authentic and crafted to reflect Peugeot’s philosophy for designing their vehicles. With that in mind, Peugeot asked London designer Kyle Bean and director Joseph Mann to make this Peugeot commercial entirely from paper.

“Blinkink director Joseph Mann has teamed up with Blinkart designer extraordinaire Kyle Bean to create a stunning stop motion paper world for Euro RSCG and Peugeot. Mann and Bean, along with their team of paper artists, created everything in the 30″ film, including hundreds of individual spanners and bollards, over a period of 4 weeks entirely bespoke.”